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Other Projects

Online Transliteration
Intelligent transliteration? You got it!
Check out the new writeKA Scripton range of transliterators being rolled out. Currently transliteration for Hindi and Malayalam is available. The other languages will follow. Feedback will be greatly appreciated! Like the previous version of the online transliteration engine, this new version also supports Email and Search and it has much better editing features. Give it a try, writing in Hindi and Malayalam has never been this easy!

Intelligent English to Hindi Online Transliteration
Intelligent English to Malayalam Online Transliteration

Now online! WriteKa Scripton

The previous static map versions will continue to exist for English to Hindi(Roman to Devanagari) and English to Malayalam. The features supported in this older set include Email and Search. Only Unicode output is supported, but they have editor like features. There will be no more development on this engine.

English to Hindi Transliterator - Second Release
English to Malayalam Transliterator - Second Release

The oldest versions of the transliterators are given below. They are not in active development anymore but include Graphic Output support in addition to Unicode. This will be ported to the new versions once they become reasonably stable.

English to Malayalam Transliterator - First Release
English to Hindi Transliterator - First Release

What is writeKA about?
Short Answer - LANGUAGES!. Writeka is about bringing down the language barrier, building tools for transliteration and translation, and as far as possible, providing these tools and services free for use to the public.

If you are wondering what the word writeka means, it doesn't mean anything! I was looking for a short name to call this website and I hit upon the fact that all major Indian languages have the sound 'KA' as the first consonant, hence the name: write KA.

Search Tools
We have developed plugins for you browser that allow you to search in Hindi and Malayalam directly from your web browser!
If you use Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla FireFox 2.0, you'll notice the drop down next to your browser search box blinking or highlighted.
Click on the drop down list to get the option for adding the Search Provider to your browser.
Ha Hindi Search for your browser
Ma Malayalam Search for your browser

News in Indian Languages (Beta)
WriteKA's Indian Language News portal has been up for a while. Development is still in progress and the portal will be undergoing continuous improvement over time. News is collected automatically from different news portals on the web and are displayed in a concise form, grouping similar news articles together. Currently, the following sections are available.
English NewsTelugu News
Hindi NewsKannada News
Malayalam NewsGujarati News
Tamil NewsPunjabi News

Offline Transliteration / Blog Publishing
Now available! WriteKa Scripto 0.2.0
The slick new beta version of Scripto (the offline transliteration and blog publishing tool from writeKA) is now available for you to try out and pass judgement!
Download for free Now!

The new version comes with English to Hindi, English to Malayalam, English to Gujarati and English to Gurmukhi transliteration by default. Two more languages - Tamil and Bengali have added to the list recently (Scripto can download these for you). Now, you can easily write in Hindi / Devanagari, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Tamil and Bengali on your computer using Scripto.

If you would like to get your language added or improve the current transliteration maps, please contact me.

Language Web Directory (Beta)
The WriteKA Web Directory is in early development. The current focus is on languages and providing additional information on Indian languages. The directory is not just a static set of links. It is a dynamic application that is being continuously improved. The latest addition is a map showing the region the language is spoken in. Look at the pointer as it changes location depending on the language you select.

For your Website
Do you have a website? Would you like one of the writeKA transliterators on you web page? Go to the links below to grab the code to insert into your HTML page.

Malayalam Transliterator
Hindi Transliterator

For Google Toolbar and Homepage Users
We all love Google and the amazing tools they provide us! WriteKA has developed plugins and modules for the Google Toolbar and Homepage.

Add to your Google Homepage:
Hindi Transliterator
Malayalam Transliterator
These WriteKA modules are listed in Google's Module directory here.

Add to your Google Toolbar:
Ha Hindi Search
Ma Malayalam Search
These WriteKA toolbar buttons are listed in Google's Toolbar button gallery here.

People usually confuse between the meanings of transliterate and translate. They have very different meanings and its important that you understand the difference to appreciate some of the tools on this website.

transliterate [verb] To change (letters, words, syllables or other language elements) into corresponding characters or elements of another language or alphabet. (This is different from translation)

translate [verb] To change from one language into another.