About writeKA

WriteKA was started in 2005 with the aim of helping spread Indian languages on the Internet. It was initially born from my desire to improve upon a phonetic script converter to malayalam that I wrote in 2003. Phonetic conversion is now available from several large companies. Along the way, I also developed an offline configurable tool for script conversion, a news aggregator with automatic grouping for Indian languages, several toolbar widgets and gadgets for iGoogle (discontinued).

If you are wondering what the word writeka means: I was looking for a short name to call this website and I hit upon the fact that all major Indian languages have the sound 'KA' as the first consonant, hence the name: write KA.

About Me

Vineeth Kaimal

A Few Highlights

Mentioned in The Hindu, September 7, 2009
Mentioned in Mumbai Mirror, April 7, 2009
Top Gadget Developer, April 2008
iGoogle most popular Hindi Gadgets, October 2007

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