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First uploaded on 08-Mar-2003.
Standardised html and moved to new domain on 04-Mar-2006.

About eMage
eMage is a graphics editor for the DOS platform. I have implemented features such as flood fill, pattern fill, pattern spray, etc. I have also made it support 16-color Bitmaps. Currently it uses virtual memory (swap files) because the memory management of the compiler (Turbo C++ Version 3.0) was disappointing. This makes the editor very slow especially during memory intensive applications like flood fill. Currently, it uses a 16-color, 600*480 resolution. I was unable to get a higher resolution or more colors in DOS. You may be wondering why I chose DOS in the first place... I had no option, since it was done as project work (6th Semester @ Golden Valley Institute of Technology affiliated to the Visveswariah Technological University), I had to follow the college rules.


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eMage is not finished and some of the available GUI components like the side-bars do not function as intended.

Fine, so why this website!
You may be thinking... "why are you creating a website for this!" - Answer: Sharing information. Though, the software is out of date, I know atleast some will find the info on this site useful. Heres what I learned making this:

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